“Everything starts from an idea, we help our clients find the most optimal
solutions for their projects.”


The system integration process consists of four steps:


The concept is the base for the entire project, where it all starts. First we have a meeting with the client and discuss what his end goal is and what his needs are. Then we bounce around some ideas and we start sketching.


We take into consideration all the resources needed to complete the task, we set the deadlines, the budget and then we start working at setting up the system.


After taking into account all aspects needed to complete the task, like the building’s structure, type of construction, the materials used and the purpose of the room, we brief with the client, gather all the data and come up with the best possible solution.
Afterwards we provide the complete project plan consisting of 3D renderings of the location and of the needed equipment, audio and lightning in-depth simulations, acoustic treatments, light control solutions, light design and graphic sketches of all the location parameters.


Integration & Installation:
Our hard working team can easily handle the integration and installation of all the project’s needs. Our team consists of authorized experts that can handle, install and set up anything from professional sound systems, lighting equipment, multimedia and video systems to stage systems and many more.
We also take care of the staff training, technical support and maintenance if needed.




Our target customers are locations such as theaters, opera houses, restaurants, clubs, pubs, conference rooms, event venues, recording studios, universities, schools, office buildings, museums, radio studios, TV studios and many more.

That’s the process that helped us have so many happy clients such as:

The Romanian National Theatre, The National Opera, The Children’s National Opera, The National History Museum, The “Toma Caragiu” Theatre,“Bulandra” Theatre, “Tandarica” Puppet Theatre, Philarmonic Venue in Cluj, The Romanian Ministry of Defense, several Cultural Houses, several medium sized and small Theatres, several museums across the country, RIN Hotel Bucharest, Venue Events Hall, Therme Spa Resort Bucharest, Bamboo Club Bucharest, Continental Hotel Bucharest, Ambassad’or Event Hall, PRO TV, Agerpress TV Studio, National Romanian Radio, Odeon Theatre, Unda Recording Studio, Carturesti Library, “Beraria H”, “Teatrelli” – CREART and several big night clubs from Romania and many other locations.


The Children’s National Opera / Bucharest

UNDA Recording Studios, Bucharest

Bistro wEBSite, NTT Data Building, Cluj-Napoca

Flonta Restaurant, Timisoara

Therme, Bucharest

Odeon Theatre, Bucharest

Private home cinema, Genelec Dolby Atmos

Venue Events, Timisoara

Carturesti Library, Bucharest